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Testimonials Continued

Romy Kochan of Gingras Global and the Bonfires of Social Enterprise Podcast

Did I ever think I would be a podcaster? Never, not ever. Not even a remote thought. But, with the encouragement of the Flatlands team of experienced talent, it happened. Podcasting has been an interesting journey of self-discovery. It has allowed me to explore potential areas of development for myself and our business. The podcast has given us exposure to social enterprises outside of our general locations and connected us with amazing people around the globe. Read More...

It is hard to say if we have experienced an increase in business or reputation as a thought leader. There are a lot of talented people out there. All I can say for certain is that I am truly grateful for Flatlands and the strong team of innovative minds behind it. Encouraging me to begin podcasting has helped me learn how to tell stories and highlight the accomplishments of others; something that I love doing. It would be my hope and dream that I become better and better at storytelling through podcasting so that I can honor my beginnings with Flatlands. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about starting a podcast to use Flatlands. They are fabulous!